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Q: I've just reached 30 years of age, and I've started reading into spirituality. It's beginning to make me address and analyze some important issues in my life. I've spent the best part of the last 20 years being plagued by anxiety, fear and phobias that have led me to just go along with things in life whether I enjoy them or not (e.g., work, relationships). As long as I wasn't stepping out of my comfort zone and had financial security, then that was enough for me.

In the last five years, I met and married my wonderful husband who has encouraged me and given me the strength to try various therapies to treat my condition. I'm pleased to say I'm finally on the road to recovery and gradually starting to peel off the many layers of armor I used to put on every day. The trouble is now that I'm doing that, I don't really know who I am, what I want from life and what I'm actually capable of. I'm no longer the dumbed-down version of myself and would like some guidance on how I discover what actually truly makes me happy, what direction to take and, above all, what I'm really good at. I would like your advice on how I can start answering these questions for myself or where to look for answers. My sincere thanks.

— Sophie M., Chalfont St. Peter, United Kingdom

Dear Sophie,
It's heartwarming when someone begins to emerge from the entanglements of the past into a new future. Right now, you are at the confusing halfway point, not yet out of the tunnel, but seeing enough light up ahead that you are eager to get there. I think you should accept that this isn't a time for making big steps, not until you wake up one day and life presents you with a clear opening.

So far, you have been healing longer than you suppose. It was part of your healing that your husband appeared, for example. At a deep level, your true self knows what it's doing to guide you. To emerge as a new human being isn't as simple as breaking out of a cocoon and spreading your wings. There are many levels and dimensions of healing. Just be aware of your path and have faith in yourself.


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