Are you are sick and tired of being fat and miserable? Geneen Roth's book Women, Food and God has the advice you need to stop dieting cycle. Find out why Oprah says, "This book is an opportunity to finally end the war with weight."
From The Oprah Show

Geneen Roth. Your Women, Food and God Questions Answered!
Oprah and Geneen give you the answers you've been looking for.
Geneen Roth and Oprah. Why Are You Eating? 
Why Oprah says she'll never diet again.

From O, The Oprah Magazine

Woman in front of refrigerator. What Are You Hungry For?
Hint: It's not food.
Geneen Roth and Oprah. Oprah's Relationship with Food 
What Oprah knows for sure about food.

What Geneen Wants You to Know

Woman weighing sugar. Free Yourself from Food Obsession
Let go of your food fixation and discover who you really are.
Woman eating chocolate. Have What You Want
You don't have to give up your favorite foods if you understand why you're eating it.
Woman eating. Women, Food and God Conversation Starters
Get ideas to help you start a dialog with yourself and become more conscious of your eating habits.
Woman eating chocolate. More Conversation Starters
Ten more thoughts to help you realize what you're putting in your mouth.
Woman looking in mirror. Make Peace with Your Body
Do you criticize your body too much? Find out why you should talk to yourself.
Woman eating a cupcake. The Cupcake Dialogues
What are your cravings telling you? Uncover their hidden meaning.
Woman looking at scale. Don't Worry About Your Weight
Instead of wasting your time focusing on your size, do what you love instead.
Woman with chocolate. How to Eat Less and Enjoy It More
Cut calories without cutting your favorite foods by paying attention to food.
Woman with hand in cookie jar. How to Stop Binge Eating
You can lock up dessert, but you won't lose weight until you find out what your fat wants to tell you.
Woman holding orange. The No-Diet Weight Loss Method
The simple step you can take to lose weight today.

Ask Geneen

Woman thinking about eating. Understand the Food Guidelines
Get clarification on Geneen's food guidelines featured in Women, Food and God.
Woman debating what to eat. Get Over Those Last 10 Pounds
Find out what to do if you're struggling with fattening food cravings, yet want to lose weight.
Woman looking at muffin. How to Respond to Your Cravings
When you have food cravings, learn how to listen to what your body needs and wants.
Woman with chocolate cake. Disengage from The Voice
Stop listening to The Voice that tells you to eat what you want, whenever you want.
Woman looking in mirror. Forgive Yourself for Your Food Addiction
Learn to love yourself, even though you're upset at yourself for abusing food.
Woman eating. Can You Like the Taste of Food—Or Is It More?
Confused about whether your enjoyment for food is a serious problem? Geneen shares her advice.
Frustrated woman. How Do You Stop Eating
Feeling trapped? How to take control of your eating habits.
Woman eating. Having Trouble Eating by the Guidelines?
Find out how to tailor Geneen's eating guidelines to your health and lifestyle needs.
Woman eating hamburger. Overcome Your Food Obsession
Don't worry about past eating habits. Change your thoughts about food today.
Woman nervous. How to Trust Your Body
When you've been sick, you might think your body will betray you again. Geneen explains how to believe again.
Man looking at food. Men and Food Issues
One man explains why it's not just women who struggle with their relationships with food.
Woman reaching for chocolate. What Does Your Body Want?
Figure out what your body really needs. It's probably not chocolate.
Frustrated woman. Will the Internal Struggle Ever Get Easier?
How to deal with the fight of wanting to to eat badly when you're not even hungry.

Read Excerpts from the Book

Book cover. Beginning Inquiry
Why inquiry allows people to be aware of something they don't know yet but are yearning to find out.
Geneen Roth. Eating Guidelines
Try Geneen's seven guidelines to eating more consciously.
O, The Oprah Magazine cover. Reteaching Loveliness
Read the exclusive excerpt from Women, Food and God featured in O, The Oprah Magazine


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