In her new book, How Georgia Became O'Keeffe, writer Karen Karbo traces the life of a Midwestern farm girl as she becomes a self-assured art world phenomenon and an utter original. Here Karbo shares insights for any woman hoping to follow Georgia's lead.

Aim High
At the age of 12, O'Keeffe was already telling people she planned to become an artist, even though, Karbo writes, that was the "equivalent of a modern preteen girl aspiring to be an army five-star general or an NFL quarterback."

Let Your Freak Flag Fly
"With her fabulous rawboned frame, straggly brows, and schoolmarm's bun, her black vestments, man's shoes, and odd assortment of hats and turbans, O'Keeffe was out there," Karbo writes. "After people adjusted to her curious look, they accepted it and expected nothing else."

Play Hard, Work Hard
"Georgia was a proto slacker," writes Karbo. "There were days and weeks when she would read, spend hours tramping around outside, write letters, sew, and play dominoes.... But when Georgia worked, she worked her ass off."

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