Peggy Orenstein

Photograph: Reenie Raschke

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Peggy Orenstein
Editor, speaker, and author of Cinderella Ate My Daughter
I often daydream about... Swimming. It's like moving meditation. While I'm actually in the pool, all I'm thinking is, Stroke, stroke. It's an activity that grounds me in the present.

I feel most creative when... I'm knitting. I feel like I'm part of a continuum of women who for centuries used whatever they had to care for their families. The fusion of creativity and caring delights me.

I'm inspired by... My husband, who's the most broadly creative person I've ever met. He's a documentary filmmaker, but he also paints and is an excellent cook. If there's a jar of olives and a box of cereal in the house, he can make a delicious meal.

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