What really makes people successful? A second language? Attending an Ivy League school? A height of six feet plus? Or...could success have something to do with simply being open to the world? That’s the takeaway from this infographic that Dave Kerpen, chief executive of Likeable Local posted this week from his pals at Petra Coach, summarizing the differences between successful and unsuccessful people.

Our favorite tidbits? Unsuccessful people are portrayed as being angry (regardless of their job title or income level), secretly hoping others fail (regardless of their job title or income level) and watching TV every night. Successful people, on the other hand, exude joy, set goals and life plans, keep journals (instead of say they keep a journal but don’t,) read a book every day (see, we told you, start with this one: Glitter and Glue) and keep a to-be list filled with items that—unlike its evil cousin,the to-do list—never, ever need to be crossed out.


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