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Student Shout-Out
Forget about giving your favorite teacher an apple to show your thanks. On May 7 (National Teacher Day), go to and post stories about your most excellent educators for the whole world to see.
Dinner with the Smileys

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
When Navy Pilot Dustin Smiley deployed to Africa in 2011, his wife and sons invited a revolving door of special guests (musicians, pro athletes, comedians) to fill his seat at the dinner table. Read about the culinary callers in the family's uplifting book, Dinner with the Smileys.

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Stop Your Engines
Bike sharing takes the country by storm this spring with major initiatives starting in Salt Lake City, Fort Worth and New York City, where a fleet of 10,000 bikes will be stationed throughout the city. More pay-to-ride programs to come in Los Angeles and San Francisco this year.
Granola bar

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Healthy Delivery
No time to hit the vitamin aisle or the gym? Sign up for Klutchclub, and a handpicked box of good-for-you snacks, supplements, and fitness products will be delivered to your doorstep each month. Try it out for a full year, and each box costs as little as $16.
The Great Gastsby film poster

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Jay-Z Meets Jay Gatsby
If Leonardo's starring role in this month's big-screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel isn't exciting enough, consider this: Jay-Z collaborated with Baz Luhrmann on the soundtrack. Buying your opening-night ticket now? So are we!

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