smiling otter

Photo: Courtesy of the Oregon Zoo/Shervin Hess

Air Pup
When Eddie the sea otter's elbows became arthritic, veterinarians at Portland's Oregon Zoo devised a way to keep his joints moving: They taught him how to dunk. Search "sea otter hoop dreams" on YouTube to see for yourself.

Photo: Alasdair Thomson/iStockphoto

Suit Up
Finally master that backstroke at the World's Largest Swim Lesson. The water-safety initiative guides swimmers, young and old, at public pools, YMCAs, and sports clubs across the country on June 18. Details at

Photo: Pima County Communications

Plant It Forward
Some 50 U.S. public libraries now have seed packets to loan. Green thumbs then harvest new seeds from their best crops and return those for the next gardener. Check for a seed bank at your local branch.

Photo: Dr. Cecil H Fox/Getty Images

Written in the Stars
A stellar new approach to the fight against cancer: UK researchers are using stargazing software to identify not constellations but aggressive cancers. Learn more at