Oprah and life coach Cheryl Richardson talk about the importance of meditation and explain how you can get started "centering up for yourself."
Oprah: We believe in meditating. I believe in meditating in the tub with some very nice bath products. Origins Ginger Bath is one I use a lot. However, you can do it however you want to do it. You can do it however you choose to do it. You can sit in the chair, you can sit on the floor, you can sit in the window, you can sit in the tub. I give myself at least ten minutes every day in some form of meditation. I happen to like the tub.

Cheryl Richardson: I do, too.

Oprah: I'm telling you, you have to be willing to do this for yourself. Otherwise you can't say, 'Oh, I just wanted to,'—a woman did this to me once. I recommended meditation and she said, 'Oh, I did that. I went in the closet. I spent 20 minutes in there. Nothing happened.'

Cheryl: So don't worry if nothing miraculous happens in the next five minutes. As long as you spend five minutes of quiet time with yourself just turning your vision inward, which is what closing your eyes allows to do, you've succeeded.

You've accomplished something very, very important. As a matter of fact, probably one of the most important things in your life. So I'm going to just do a five-minute meditation, guided visualization. You might want to put things down on the floor around you. Get comfortable. Sit in a way that feels comfortable to you.

Oprah: So, just start there, and you will be surprised by the discipline that comes from doing it on a regular basis, how your life begins to unfold for you differently. I call it "centering up for myself."

Start with these guided meditations from the 2001 Live Your Best Life Tour.


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