Larry David's long-suffering comic foil on Curb Your Enthusiasm—now starring in ABC's wry new comedy Suburgatory—talks about poker, beauty school, and her friend Nick Hornby.
Best Meal
Lobster, a margarita on the rocks, and red velvet cake. Preferably on the beach.

Best Thrill
I just learned how to scuba dive. I'd been scared to rely on one little air hose for oxygen, but swimming with all those fish is exhilarating.

Best Spontaneous Decision
While visiting Costa Rica, I was inspired to hear that someone had donated a playground to a local school. So when I returned to L.A., one day I just called the principal of a nearby elementary school and asked what I could do. Five years later, I've helped make over nine schools, repainting, renovating, and fixing up playgrounds.

Best Recent Read
Nick Hornby's hilarious novel How to Be Good, which is about a woman whose angry husband tries to become a better person. I really admire Hornby's work, so when I was in London four years ago, I tracked him down and boldly asked if he'd like to get coffee—and he said yes. Now we're friends.

Best Escape
I started playing poker in 2003 during my pregnancy, to distract myself from my awful morning sickness. For months all I did was cry and play Texas Hold'em.

Best Mistake
Beauty school. It wasn't for me, but I did finish—and I used the money I made cutting hair to go to college.

Best Reason to Be Late
Sometimes I don't want to stand around a room full of strangers, chitchatting about nothing, so I'll come late to a party—and leave early. Though now that I'm saying this in a magazine, I'll probably never be invited to another one.

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