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Q: I wanted to ask you if you believe in the ending of the world. Some of my friends were talking about it, and that soon the world would be ending and people who didn't get themselves together would die. I want to know if there's any spiritual truth to that? And if there is, then what can I do?

— Allahna B., Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Allahna,
Here's what you need to do. Set up a little research project for yourself. Go to the public library and tell a reference librarian you want books on the world coming to an end. Inform her that you need such a book from the year 1410, 1510, 1610, 1710, 1810 and 1910. As a fudge factor, allow a leeway of 20 years in either direction. A good librarian will have no trouble giving you these books in short order.

Sit down with your pile of books and leaf through them. You will discover that, with all their hearts, the authors were absolutely sure that God was about to bring the world to an end. But it didn't happen. So why would a book written in 2010—or the opinions somebody took from such a book—be any more reliable?


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