reasons you're mad

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8. The Coffee Canister Was There at the Wrong Time
You slink into the kitchen in the morning, and you’re tired but it’s time to be up, and you’re heavy with dread for the day ahead, and there is no coffee. You hold the empty canister in your hand for a moment before hurling it against the wall, startling the dog and also yourself. May I suggest something and then immediately duck for cover? Could it be that you are not actually mad about the lack of that precious brown dust? Could it be that you are storing a general anger—at being overtired, at your too-busy life, at the irritating meeting you’re headed to—in your fingertips? A thought: Apologize to the coffee canister (yes, it feels silly), and then apologize to the dog, and then apologize to yourself. And then: a big box of Dunkin Donuts coffee to share at the meeting. Peace and goodwill to all.

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