friday will be fabulous

Illustration: Jen Troyer

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There is a woman who works at my local rec center who is usually decked out in yoga pants and comfy shirts like the rest of us slobs—I mean, exercisers. But the other day she looked as cute as a proverbial button, bouncing down the hall in a swingy polka-dot dress, glossy flats and, even (!), red lipstick. I couldn't help it: "Don't you look nice!" I blurted, like a nosy old lady. "What's the occasion? Wait, I mean—not that you don't usually look nice—I mean..." She just laughed and said, "It's Fabulous Friday!" She explained that when she first became a stay-at-home mom/yoga instructor, she found herself shuffling around in glorified pajamas and feeling a touch on the dowdy side. So she invented Fabulous Fridays, which call for as much fabulousness as possible on Fridays: the cutest clothes, blow-dried hair and, yes, lipstick. I told her she was a revolutionary. She said she knew. Think about it: Make Fridays fabulous, and they'll seem less like something else to slog through on the way to the weekend, and more like pure sparkling fun. The way Fridays should be.