My hope is that families and friends keep their eyes open—and that when they see red flags in the lives of their loved ones, they'll act with courage and purpose to interrupt the crisis. And my greatest hope is that I never have to fill out another police report or watch another news story about a doctor who provided a legal, physician-directed regimen of a pharmaceutical that amounts to a potential death sentence for one of the 20 million Americans who suffer with addiction.**

At the end of your rope is hope, I say. Fall into that hope today and begin change right where you stand.

The Warning Signs of Prescription Medication Addiction

When my phone rings, a woman is on the other end most often—a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend. She's calling because of a crisis in her midst; either an event has motivated her to pick up the phone and begin change, or instinct kicks in and does the trick. I tell folks that you know what you know. Your internal alarm is often the first sign to vibrate. "Something is not right," I hear loved ones say. Listen to that voice—then circle the wagons and build consensus around that still small voice. You know what you know, when you know it.

Rx Medication Warning Signs:
1. Symptoms with no concrete diagnosis
2. "Doctor shopping" for numerous prescriptions—when someone wants more medication than one doctor might provide, they will go to multiple doctors to increase the number of prescriptions they have
3. Asking others to get prescriptions for them
4. Shifts in sleeping and eating patterns; mood and personality change
5. Unexplained accident(s) or crisis event(s)

Brad Lamm is a board-registered interventionist, teacher and author. He founded Intervention Specialists in 2004 to help families begin loving change in the face of crisis. His book, How to Change Someone You Love, is helping people across the country with his Invitation2Change method of intervention. To learn more, visit his website at

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