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Q: My passion in life has always been spirituality. Since I was very young, I have devoured book after book, but it seems it is my only passion. There are many goals in my life, but it seems the passion and drive one needs to complete those goals are not within me. How can I apply the passion I have for all that is spiritual to my everyday life so I may have the drive to complete those goals?

— Juliet W., St. Augustine, Florida
Dear Juliet,
There are some confusing elements in your question. Most people who have a lifelong passion manage to get somewhere with it. In your case, perhaps the word "passion" really means an escape of distraction. The reason you haven't found another passion is that such a passion would have to be real, whereas a passion for spirituality can remain a fantasy, a lovely world in which to dream. As I say, these possibilities are confusing, because your letter doesn't go into specifics.

Since I don't know what goals have eluded you, my advice will have to be general. Look at yourself honestly—or go to a reliable friend who is a fully grown adult—and ask if you still want to escape and dream? If so, then continue on the same path as before. But if you find that you want real-life goals, you must use real-life means to achieve them. Spirituality can help enormously, but not the spirituality of pink clouds and wish fulfillment. I'm sorry if this isn't your actual problem. If I may, try reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, a book that many have found useful in focusing their spiritual life so that it upholds their lives in the world.


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