I know you have many significant and important relationships; certainly the ones you enjoy with your children, parents, spouse/lover/significant other, co-workers and best friends rate very high in your life. However, I ask you to place your relationship to your "Source" of being at the very top of this list. When this becomes your reality, you intuitively go to the silence within and remember to send your ego to a place where it doesn't interfere with your deliberations.

Make your relationship to the Source your priority, even if you declare yourself an atheist. When you go to this place within yourself, you don't need any religious orientation or belief in the supernatural.

Rather, I ask you to think of God—or the Tao, Divine mind, Krishna, Source or any of the thousand names for God—as love.

There's a loving energy in the universe that allows for the creation of all beings. It is a nonbeing without form or boundaries, and it does nothing while leaving nothing undone! Make this energy your primary relationship, above all others in your life, consulting it before anyone else. Retreat there in silence, and listen and know that this force is outside of you and within you.

By all means, love your family (and everyone else on this planet). Treasure all your relationships, but first and foremost make your relationship to your highest self your priority. When you see God simply as love, there will be no room left for excuses and bad habits. You will only be able to give away the love that is your creative essence.

Try Dr. Dyer's five ways to be more spiritual every day.


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