Finding Peace and Calm Daily

Taking a few minutes every day to relax will put you in a better mood and will help you deal with the everyday stresses of taking care of your ailing loved ones. Use these suggestions to help find your inner peace so you can be the best caregiver possible.


Start each and every day with a big yawn and full body stretch. Warming up in the morning allows you to ease your way into a new day both mentally and physically.  

Whenever possible, get up a bit earlier than necessary so you can create time for yourself. Sitting with a warm cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa and relishing in the early morning silence gives your mind and body some valuable "me" time.

Experiment with scents and smells to fine-tune your personal aromatherapy. Discover which aromas make you feel more energetic and productive. Pay attention to what makes you feel calm and centered. Then use these when you feel the need to focus or relax.

Create an image in your mind that represents peace and calm. This will be your escape hatch for those moments when life feels overwhelming. Perhaps you feel peaceful when you look at the ocean, or maybe a field of flowers makes you feel calm. You may even visualize a cloud-filled sky to bring harmony to your mind’s eye. Take a deep breath and go to this place whenever the need arises.

Remember that you make the world a better place by helping to care for others.

Cultivate a sense of gratitude for what life brings to you—both the good and the bad. This is a journey, and the people with the fullest lives have experienced both sorrow and joy and learned how to be thankful for the lessons learned.

Gratify your senses. Wear soft, comfortable clothing. Savor a flavor. Notice the beauty that surrounds you.