Best Accomplishment
Performing in Chicago in London's West End last year. Though it meant facing down one of my biggest fears—singing in public—I just threw myself into the ring and went for it.

Best Style Icon
I get to wear beautiful clothes for work, but I don't think much about fashion in my personal life. The last time I was really excited about it was when I was a kid: I was deeply influenced by Punky Brewster.

Best Escape
Locking the door and not leaving my apartment. I clean out a closet, I read old newspapers, I organize my fridge, I lounge. It's incredible.

Best Date Night
Dancing into the wee hours with my husband, then ending with breakfast as the sun comes up.

Best Cocktail
On a recent trip to Tulum, Mexico, my husband and I obsessively drank mojitos at a restaurant called Hartwood. They were the best I've tasted. We had one every day. Okay, maybe it was more than one a day...

Best Excuse
I've never said this when it wasn't true, but being able to say "My phone died" is one of the greatest things that's ever happened to me. These days it means you can't answer calls, check e-mails, or receive texts. Who can argue with that?

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