Holiday Spirit
Call it Christmas, Hanukkah, or solstice, it brings out the best in people. Even Republicans smile at me on the street! I think the way to inspire cooperation in Washington is to scent the air with apple cider.

We're all more giving during the holidays, whether to bell ringers outside Macy's or to our local food bank. Next year I'll remember that people are hungry in June, too.

Getting Back to Your Roots
Nothing makes me nostalgic like the French Quarter at Christmas; it smells of New Orleans–style doughnuts, or beignets. They taste great with coffee and chicory, which we've been drinking since the Civil War. It has a spicy kick, but a mellow aftertaste—kind of like jazz.

Good Friends
For the past few years, I've celebrated the new year in Hawaii with pals, doing the hula. I come back with some color—and a sense of inner peace. Let me tell you: It looks good on me.

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit


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