Best Songs to Sing In the Shower
Journey's greatest hits. I think of the shower as a little confidence cube. It gives me the courage to sing higher than I should. By the time I've gone through Journey's catalog, I'm completely washed, shampooed and conditioned — though I try to sing quickly so I don't waste time.

Best Guilty Pleasure
I turn into Mr. Magoo when I play iPhone games. Solitaire? I love for the card dance that happens when I win. Pokémon Go? If I'm not using my time on tour to catch them all, what am I doing with my life?

Best "Pinch Me" Moment
Singing "Bridge over Trouble Water" with Paul Simon eight years ago at a concert. He was my high school here. I remember sitting there, hearing our voices blend, and thinking, Man, high five to kid self!

Best Way to Unwind
Going to baseball games. It's fascinating to see how different fans behave at ballparks around the country. Also, I think in the back of every guy's head is the dream of becoming a professional baseball player.

Best Hidden Talent
Magic tricks. When I go out to dinner, I'll make the fork float and the saltshaker disappear.

Best Companion
My wheaten terrier, Sweeney (yes, I named him after Sweeney Todd). He's been on four national tours with me — and even comes up onstage for sound checks and wiggles around while I sing.


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