Stephanie G.
Every year, for about 10 years now, my husband and his two older brothers get together and carol. They carol house to house, mall to mall and church to church. They've become seasonal celebrities around town. They have several CDs out with their soulful a cappella twist to many of the favorite Christmas carols. My favorite is "White Christmas." They've made it a brotherly tradition to get together and do this for the love of the season, the love of the music, the love of each other and of course the love of the Lord!

I have only been married to my husband, Christian, for four years and have had the experience of seeing the beauty within their performances. I have seen everyone from little old ladies to teenagers, frolicking toddlers to bodybuilding men, brought to tears at the sound of their voices. They have fans that will come back dozens of times throughout the season when they are at the mall, just to sit there for hours to hear them sing. They truly have a blessing!

How do you celebrate your favorite holiday traditions?

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