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Q: There was a time in my life when I was connected within myself. I know what I want out of life, but usually do not know how I go about achieving it. In the past, this has not been a problem because—divinely or by providence—whatever I wanted just came into my life. Ever since I moved to Ireland, however, everything seems to be an effort, so much so that when I look back on the past four years, I have not been happy. I am disconnected from my life and unsatisfied. I would really like to go back to the way it was when I was content within myself and connected. I would like to attract positivity and prosperity, but I do not know how to go about doing it. I do not remember what was working for me before. When I was by myself, I could think clearly, but now I am pressured by family, their problems and issues. I do not have much space for myself or within myself. It is very frustrating! I so wish I could go back to when my intuition was in sync with my needs, wants and desires. It did not take much to realize what I needed or wanted. Please help me—I am desperate.

— Estelle C., Dublin, Ireland

Dear Estelle,
I think most readers would immediately react by wondering why you don't simply go back to what worked before. Your problem is one of remaining centered. When you were alone, you were aligned with your inner world. That gave you a clear path to your intentions. Now your intentions are confused and conflicted. Your desires have become mingled with your family's. You have taken on burdens that aren't your own, and so it's no wonder life has become a struggle and a story of constant effort.

But I think the answer isn't to go back. The same invisible support that once made your life easier can do the same again. The issue has to do with strength. You need to strengthen your awareness. There is a deeper reason for the situation you are in now. It is to show you that your hold was fragile when you could be isolated and alone. Life is meant to be lived with others, and the greatest fulfillment comes from contributing to all of humanity. If you become stronger in yourself, you can lead a life of spontaneous fulfillment even with greater outside pressures.

With that goal in mind, set up a program for getting back in touch with your deepest self. You need some alone time every day. You need to practice meditation and, if possible, yoga. It would be helpful to find a support group. I'm sure your family isn't in touch with you on these issues. They don't have to be, but you do need to find others who understand the spiritual path and will keep you on it.

If you pursue this program, not only will you find your center once more, but your hold on it will become stronger and stronger.


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