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Q: No matter how much I am active about something, no matter how much I reach for others, no matter how I change, meditate, change the state of mind, no matter how much I work or contribute, everything in my material world remains the same. Nothing changes. I work on the inside, but on the outside all my circumstances and conditions are the same. What is wrong, and why I am stuck? Thanks.

— Kamy S., Skopje, Macedonia

Dear Kamy,
If I asked you to cook dinner, would you run into the kitchen, throw open the cupboards and start throwing food around the room? That's what you are doing with your life. You are like a panicky bird running from one thing to the next. The tone of your letter is melodrama verging on the edge of hysteria.

I suspect that you are a frazzled, but charming, person who dithers and frets, but gets along well enough. So my advice is to stand in front of the mirror and decide when you want to get serious. At that moment, help will come, and so will change.


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