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Q: Hello, Marianne. I am wondering when I will stop being so afraid of stepping into my greatness. I see myself in all of my gifts and talents, and still I remain stuck in mediocrity. I am less than patient at this point in my life. Every day I don't do what I know I should be doing. I have a full-time job working as an educational assistant, and that is going quite well. I also recently started selling sterling silver jewelry as a part-time gig. I am completely frozen. I am very afraid to put myself out there, mostly because the effort is all about me—and that is where I feel fraudulent. I am a very stylish and fit woman. I can certainly wear the part; still, I stay in my head and don't take action. What is my problem? I know it's a loaded one. I've read every one of your books, and Illuminata is how I begin and end my day.

— Eva B., Edmonton, Canada

Dear Eva,

From a spiritual perspective, your problem is that there is way too much "I" in your thinking. Remember, Eva: You're the faucet; you're not the water. Your human existence is a conduit for something much greater—the divine that lives within you. So start each day asking how you can serve your Creator; how you can put more love into the world; how you can be a more compassionate person. Those things are your greatness. Without a connection to our source, all of us are mediocre really. But connected to the One who lives within us, all of us can be great.


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