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Q: Hi, Marianne. I have read your books now for a long time and have always enjoyed your easy-reading information, so thank you. My problem is I am a very soft-hearted, emotional individual, and I often get hurt and on the down side from others' words and actions. I may realize the person is being abusive and harmful and that I am better off outside their presence, but still the sting remains. I am a spiritual person and have been for many years, but since this winter I have been down and only find myself weary of the process and truly wishing to return home. I would never commit suicide, but I often wish the journey would end here and I could return to God. Do you find this strange or troublesome, and what would you suggest for me to pull myself up to a higher place outside this sadness?

— Hope C., Fort Mill, South Carolina

Dear Hope,

First of all, remember that almost everyone gets sad sometimes. It's part of the human experience, so try to be gentle with yourself while you're going through it.

We return to God every time we connect lovingly to another human being, so your way out of your sadness is by learning to forgive. I'm wondering if you're actually doing a daily spiritual practice involving a regular discipline of prayer and meditation. If you aren't, I urge you to. It's by learning to make forgiveness central to our thinking that we are healed of our pain.

Other people's unkindness—as much as it can sting—is not the reality of who they are. Forgiveness means looking beyond people's mistakes to the innocence that lies within them, and it's when we see beyond their mistakes that their mistakes can no longer hurt us. It's a lot easier said than done, sometimes! But books like A Course In Miracles actually train your mind to think that way.


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