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Q: Since getting back on track on my spiritual journey—with your brilliant support in great part—I have entered a whirl of growth that is really blowing my mind. And due to the excitement that comes from this, I sometimes find myself a little anxious. I see the possibilities and I want to be more and more devoted and enlightened and joyful and successful in every sense, because I now know that everything is possible. I have access to the infinite goodness of the universe, and it is up to me to be able to tap into it. I want to know how and do it now and work more because the more I work...see what I mean? Ha-ha! So I want to balance this with living in the now and knowing that every moment is perfect as it is, which I truly experience. Any insights? Eternally grateful, I send you all my love!

— Patricia M., Cartagena, Spain

Dear Patricia,

As a student of A Course in Miracles, I know the importance of a serious spiritual path. A daily curriculum of spiritual reading, prayer, meditation and forgiveness is essential—especially when things are going well! For as it's often said, "Love brings up everything unlike itself." Spiritual "exercise" keeps your mind in shape the way physical exercise keeps your body in shape. It strengthens you, disciplining your mind so that love and love only guides your thinking and illumines your heart.


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