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Three ways to nourish your inner chef.

Eat Your Words
You could copy your beloved peach pie recipe for yet another friend—or you could take a minute and upload it to TasteBook. The design-your-own-cookbook site lets you mix your recipes and photos with favorites from across the Web, then save your collection online or print it as a hardcover version.
Explore Your Past
Great-great-grandma Lorraine's technique for making authentic schnitzel may have been lost a generation ago, but that doesn't mean you can't tap into your roots and cook the way they did in the old country. Trafalgar's foodie-focused Be My Guest tours offer a rotating list of hands-on cooking lessons taught by locals, from how to make macarons in Southern France to empanadas in Argentina.
Serve It Up
If displaying your famous vanilla-bean pound cake on a plain white plate leaves you cold, consider the customizable serving trays at Play around with the site's funky-chic designer templates or upload your own favorite photo; either way you'll get a sweet backdrop for your baked treats.