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History may belong to the history book writers, but your story belongs to you. Five ways to capture every bit of it in a scrapbook:

Lasting Mark
Pigment-based Pigma ink is fade-resistant, chemically stable, and lasts longer than traditional dye-based markers.

Never-Ending Story
You can add pages as you go to Kolo's sleek and colorful blank books, bound in cloth, soft leather, or Italian merino wool.

Stamp of Approval
Your daughter's doodle or the family crest can be ink-ready as a rubber stamp in three weeks or less.

Think way beyond color, with decorative paper made from woven fibers, stitched with thread, or coated with glitter.

Cut Up
The Silhouette Cameo looks like a printer, but instead of ink it uses a blade to cut designs into paper, card stock, adhesive vinyl, or fabric.