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Capture an image of the world exactly as you see it with these fun photography tools.

Snap It
Turn even a humdrum photo into a vintage-quality keeper with mobile apps. Instagram ( lets you doctor shots with dreamy lighting and faded edges. With Hipstamatic, apply lenses, films, and flashes to personalize how your camera takes photos.

Effortlessly transform the traditional lens on your camera phone into a wonderfully warped fish-eye, telephoto, or wide-angle lens, with a trio of magnetically attached lenses.

Share It
Get your photos off your phone—and into one of Printstagram's itty-bitty printed photo books. Each 1.7-inch-by-1.5-inch bound book holds two dozen of your favorite snapshots and doubles as a fridge magnet.

Paint Inkodye, a light-sensitive dye, onto the front of a T-shirt, lay your black-and-white negative on top, and set it in the sun. Within minutes, your photos will have developed into a print you can wear.

Make family photos instantly interactive by turning 22 of them into Photo-opoly, a Monopoly-variation board game starring your snapshots. "Do not pass Molly's first birthday party. Do not collect $200."