When Terri was younger, she says there was a time in her life when what she wanted could be achieved with ease. Since she has gotten married and had two children, she says things have become more strained. "I'm not quite manifesting with the ease that I did before," she says. "What would you suggest in terms of my realigning myself, or what do you think might be happening?"

Louise says Terri's problem is that she hasn't been giving herself time every day to work on her affirmations. "You need to be consistent," she says. "End your meditations then with really powerful affirmations for what you want. If you zero in, it will happen."

Martha asks Terri what she would want to do without worrying about social roles. "Think about the wildest, craziest thing you would do if you had no husband or children but you weren't devastated by loss—and plan it. Do it. You've got to get out of that social prison in your head."

By learning to love her life, Martha says Terri is giving her children a gift. "Children do not treat them the way you tell them to treat themselves," she says. "They treat themselves the way you treat yourself."