Marie and Joe

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Marie is afraid her positive energy is conflicting with her husband's negative energy. "My question is, how exactly does the law of attraction work in a marriage and a business when half of the relationship is focusing on the positive and half on the negative? Who is attracting what?"

Although Marie's husband, Joe, says he doesn't exactly describe himself as negative, he is cautious when it comes to making decisions. "Some people like to jump in the pool with both feet, and some like to put their toe in and see if it's cold," he says.

Cheryl says her advice for Joe is to write three things on a sticky note that he would like drawn into his life and look at it daily. "You don't have to look at it too hard, but just look at it every day. Then notice how long it takes for at least one of those items to show up," she says.

Trying to convince someone before they see it for themselves is a waste of time, Cheryl says. "Just give yourself the experience of seeing that it works," she says. If Joe does this, Cheryl says he'll be able to come fully on board with Marie's positive energy. "The power that your family is then going to have is going to be really quite amazing," she says.

Louise has one addition to add to Joe's assignment. "You put that sticky note on the mirror and every time you look at that you say, 'I love you, Joe. I really love you.'"