Cheryl, Martha and Louise

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Louise says Alison's husband lost his job for a reason. "Life had something in store for him, but he wouldn't let go of the old job," she says. "So it took it away from you."

By changing the way she viewed the situation, Alison says her husband's job loss became a blessing instead of a tragedy. "What I thought to myself is, 'What do I want for him?' I want him to be somewhere he is truly valued, where his can really contribute, because he is very talented at what he does," she says.

Martha applauds Alison for being able to see the positive instead of the negative. "She had a moment where fear came in, and she decided to go with courage and not with fear," she says.

Alison says she knew that if she told anyone about her husband's job loss, they would cast a negative energy. So she kept it quiet instead. "My intuition was, 'Let's keep it private so we can really stay in that place of celebration and enjoy this time that you're off work,'" she says.

Cheryl says surrounding herself with people who bring positive energy instead of naysayers who bring negative energy helped Alison. "We need to be looking at how we can protect the things that are deeply important to our soul," she says.