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Alison is a psychologist who decided to open her own consulting business. "In 2006, I was really struggling with my business, and my brother told me to buy The Secret," she says.

"One of the first things I started doing was visualizing e-mails coming in," Alison says. "I would lie in bed and visualize what I wanted to have happen the next day. In the morning, there would be e-mails from people asking about services."

A year later, she says her business doubled. So when Alison's husband came home from work one day and announced he had been laid off from his job, Alison's optimism didn't waver. "I immediately decided, 'I am not going to a dark place,'" she says. "I thought, 'Let's celebrate.' So we got out the glasses, poured some wine and raised a toast. The law of attraction was working, because within a few weeks, he had a new job that was more money. I knew that keeping a positive attitude was key to how swiftly things turned out so well for him."