When a 12-year-old Girl Scout from Oklahoma broke the cookie sales record this month with 18,107 sold, we thought, “Way to go Katie Francis!” Then we heard her business plan: “There's three ingredients to selling cookies. There's lots of time, lots of commitment and I have to ask everybody I see."

And then we saw her talk on this video on Mashable, where she says plainly (and unobnoxiously), “I’m good at what I do.” Which made us think: How often do we grown-up women say this about ourselves? And how honestly does it come out—no small disparagements inserted, not apologies placed before or after the statement?

The official motto of the Girl Scout dates back to 1912, “Do a good turn daily.” This year, Francis did the women in the world a turn—and perhaps we all need to respond with thank you... and yet another order for a box of Thin Mints.


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