Photo: Courtesy of Minsoo Go

Minsoo Go, 29
My eyes are small, but I love them so much because they perfectly suit my face.

Photo: Courtesy of Eldonna Edwards

Eldonna Edwards, 54
The scars on my abdomen remind me of the day I donated my kidney to a stranger, which gave that person a new chance at life and me a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Perry

Jenny Perry, 36
I love my belly. I just had my fifth child, and I don’t sweat the stretch marks, a little extra skin or not having a six-pack!

Photo: Courtesy of Becky Foster

Becky Foster, 43
I have wonderful eyebrows!

Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Gall

Melissa Gall, 40
At 40, I can do more with my body than I ever could before. I love what my body does for me!

Photo: Courtesy of Carole Laventhol

Carole Laventhol, 74
I have just been through a year of breast cancer treatments, but my awesome body keeps healing!

Photo: Courtesy of Liwayway Johnson

Liwayway Johnson, 33
I used to wish I was taller and blessed with hips, but I’ve finally learned to accept my small frame. My favorite part of my body is my tush!

Photo: Courtesy of Juanita Hargrove

Juanita Hargrove, 48
I absolutely love my luscious lips!

Photo: Courtesy of Michelle Kaaukai-Perreira

Michelle Kaaukai-Perreira, 46
I love my beautiful nose, which reminds me of my father.

Photo: Courtesy of Tessa Jean

Tessa Jean, 37
My teeth aren’t very straight, my eyebrows aren’t perfect, and my cheeks are full...but I love my face!

Photo: Courtesy of Kristin Conant

Kristin Conant, 60
I love my feet. They give me the freedom to explore the whole world.

Photo: Courtesy of S. Ellison Ponds

S. Ellison Ponds, 50
I love my smile, because it radiates confidence.

Photo: Courtesy of Elissa Cirignotta

Elissa Cirignotta, 30
I love my curly brown Sicilian-Jewish hair!

Photo: Courtesy of Andrea Copeland

Andrea Copeland, 41
I like my fingers and toes because I can see my parents’ fingers and toes in them!

Photo: Courtesy of Jeanine Finelli

Jeanine Finelli, 42
My hands have carried hundreds of pieces of furniture over ten different moves, scratched the back of my teenage son since birth, shampooed the heads of my kids, been gently kissed, and have never failed me in challenging yoga poses...

Photo: Courtesy of Constance Pinchback

Constance Pinchback, 49
What I love most about my body is my legs.

Photo: Courtesy of Tee Ayo Ariyo

Tee Ayo Ariyo, 21
I wouldn’t trade my ebony skin...or my curly hair for the world.

Photo: Courtesy of Regina Tucker

Regina Tucker, 34
I love my skin and my stretch marks, which remind me of the tremendous joy of becoming a mom.

Photo: Courtesy of Kristina Beaudet

Kristina Beaudet, 43
One thing that has always brought me joy: my hair.

Photo: Courtesy of Lizette Nielsen

Lizette Nielsen, 46
I love my hair, now that it’s back after chemo and two stem cell transplants.

Photo: Courtesy of Terri Kirby Erickson

Terri Kirby Erickson, 55
What I love most about my body are my scars; each one tells a story of survival, how my body healed itself so I could keep on going.

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis, 28
My feet are the most adorable, sexiest, loveable feet you’ll ever see!

Photo: Courtesy of Iyabo Okuwobi

Iyabo Okuwobi, 43
I love, love, love my legs and show them off at every opportunity!