What does "beauty" mean to you?
Pretty is as pretty does. Beauty to me is mind, body, spirit, where balance is the key. If you're beautiful outside but you're hateful inside, you're out of balance! I think that beauty truly comes from within. If you don't go within you will go without. Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and seen that sparkle, that inner light? You are a spirit with a body, not just a body with a spirit. It's all attitude, baby! The rest is extra.

How do you stay beautiful?
This question made me laugh! I don't know that I stay beautiful, but I do know that I work it when I can. Ha! Now that I'm [in my forties], I take even better care of my skin. I use Mom's "Esteem" beauty care products. I've made my commitment to exercise five to six times a week and I don't eat four to five hours before bed (I always wake up feeling better), and I groom, baby! Being a working mom I find that I feel better when I take care of my "particulars"—brushing my teeth, keeping my fingernails and toenails groomed, staying shaved and smooth, and last but not least, keeping my hair washed and brushed. I try to wear light makeup (mascara and lipstick). I'm taking better care of "me" and I'm definitely in better spirits these days. You'll be surprised how much better you feel about the world when you feel better about yourself.

If you could pick the one thing that makes you beautiful, what would it be?
I feel my heart has always been tender. I guess it's a blessing and a burden sometimes, but I have found peace (finally) with being so sensitive. I'm grateful that I feel deeply because it allows me to experience great pain and great joy. I'm alive! It also inspires me to love and sing with great passion.

When do you feel the most beautiful? I have to pick two things that make me feel the most beautiful: When I am with my husband and three children, and I am fully present and in the moment, I feel bliss. I am complete. No amount of money or material things can make me feel as beautiful as I feel during that time. Also, when I sing I feel beautiful. I feel warmth shoot from my head to my toes. I'm bathed in the light. I've often said it's the closest I get to Heaven here on Earth.

Why is it important to feel beautiful? Growing up I often heard the scripture about loving your neighbor as yourself. I somehow grew up to learn to love my neighbor more than myself. After 40 years, I am just now beginning to practice truly loving myself. I am learning now about why loving me is so important. Without me there is no we. Honey, you have to build your foundation upon the rock! The mother and the father are the foundation of the family.

When I put my oxygen mask on first, I can then take care of someone else. I feel beautiful when I take better care of me. I finally understand now that loving this way is a reflection of God's love. I love this saying: "The waters must be perfectly calm to reflect the heavens." When I love myself I'm able to reflect on God's love. Read I Corinthians 13:13.

What makes author Naomi Wolf feel the most beautiful?


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