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Finding Your Mindful Spirit
  • Choose a short prayer or saying that holds special meaning for you. It could be a verse from the Bible or another spiritual book. Make sure you pick something very short, no longer than a few lines. Also, it must be something that you can repeat from memory. This phrase should connect with you or move you in a soulful way. Here are some suggestions: the twenty-third psalm, St. Francis's prayer, Buddha's discourse on good will, and the Serenity Prayer used by 12-step groups all across the world.
  • Repeat the verse several times until your urge to eat lessens.
If you can't find a verse or saying you like, or if you are still looking for one, try this meditational prayer:
  • Tranquility in front of me.
  • Calmness beside me.
  • Stillness around me.
  • Compassion inside me.