The best gift you can give your body, your soul—Even your planet? Delicious, flavorful, satisfying food (the kind you thought you didn't have time or money to serve.) We hope you brought your appetite.

Laura Pensiero club sandwichThe Real-Food Diet
How to succeed in eating without really trying. Chef Laura Pensiero shows you how.

Lewis-Battey familyTwo Families, Two Challenges
One is short on time, the other is short on money. Get the 10-step survival plan for both.

Rachel MountTeach A Woman to Cook...
...and she just might save the world. Rachel Mount chops for a cause.

Pig farmHigh on the Hogs
Celia Barbour visits a farm where the pigs are happy and the bacon is amazing.

GreenhouseGrowing Power
Milwaukee's Will Allen is on a mission to raise affordable fresh food for people in the inner city.

Heirloom seedsGarden Variety
A Missouri couple unearths a bounty of heirloom seeds for a 21st century garden.

Dirty panBoy, That Was Good!
Three writers on soul-satisfying repasts.

Oprah at the farmer's marketWhat I Know for Sure
"I'm in awe every time: By planting so little, you can reap so much." — Oprah


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