Rather than welcoming you to the final day of the 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse, I want to welcome you to an extraordinary new beginning. I want to acknowledge the commitment you've given to your inner world over these three weeks, but also acknowledge that there is a golden door to walk through today. You see, the world is waiting for you. Inspired by the depth of your courage and strength, the divine opens its arms to you as a more fully integrated being who carries the seeds of hope, health, happiness and prosperity to be shared with others.

Your consciousness is fertile; it is rich with the food of your soul and the healing balm that can be offered only by your own heart. It has been through the tremendous process of letting go, opening up and taking in. The ground is now prepared for you to continue to plant the seeds of your greatest desires as you enter back into the world, and I can think of no better way to do that than to invoke our last agent of change, called possibility. To follow the call into new, uncharted land, the promise of exciting possibilities is deeply motivating—just as the divine meant them to be. Not only are the possibilities and opportunities endless for you, but they are endlessly infused with the optimism, hope and magic of their sacred source.

Your reentering after today should be done with grace, clarity and ease—a slow opening up to the outer world, but this time with new awareness, mindfully allowing into the field of your consciousness only what nourishes you. Remember: There is no rush because there's nowhere to go. Your priorities are right in front of you: Tending with great love to the relationship with your inner resource and your tender loving heart.

No doubt the challenges and the losses, the shifts and the changes, will be there, but the goal of a soul that is satisfied, filled up, inspired, happy, passionate and fully alive is worth everything you will go through on your journey.

Cleansing Ritual

Find a comfortable place to sit. Light a candle. And write a story now of your soul's purpose. Don't think about it or plan it out in your mind. Just use this sentence as your starting point: "My soul's purpose is..." And know this is indeed the truth. Then, close your eyes and affirm that you will do whatever it is that will fulfill that future. And together we say, "And so it is."

In the days to follow the Consciousness Cleanse, I encourage you to commit to spending 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon and 10 minutes in the evening going inside and checking in with your personal GPS—seeing if you made wrong turns, seeing if you're going down the wrong road and seeing where the divine wants you to go next.

Soulful Action

Your Outer Goal: The outer goal you chose on Day 1 of the Consciousness Cleanse is rich with possibilities. What big, bold action are you willing to take today that will begin to bring the possibility fully to life?

Your Inner Goal: You chose a high-vibration feeling that you've kept in the forefront of your awareness over the past three weeks. What possibilities does that feeling open up in you? What new experiences are you now willing to allow into your life? What new action can you take today that will allow the full expression of that feeling?

Soul Food:
I am the light of the world.

Debbie Ford is the national best-selling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, The Secret of the Shadow, Spiritual Divorce, The Right Questions, The Best Year of Your Life and Why Good People Do Bad Things. Her new book is The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse (Harper Collins). She conducts workshops across the country. She lives in California with her family.

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