Does the thought of change give you a knot in your stomach? Don't stress about it—welcome it with open arms! Find out why doing something different isn't just a part of's a good thing.
Who you are now is not who you were last year, last week, yesterday, even a minute ago. Life never stands still, no matter what you do. Change is the very nature of existence—your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, even your relationships are as changeable as rain and sunshine, as night and day. But as much as change is inevitable, it is not always welcome or easy to deal with. It can upset your world and generate many conflicting feelings.

However, it is in those very moments when everything looks hopeless that you have a real chance to grow into something better; what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, you call a butterfly!

The journey to such transformation is smoother when you can step back from anger, fear or grief and take a breath, before emotion takes over. Then you can enable the issue to pass, because not even those feelings that seem so enormous, important or overwhelming stay the same. What is vital to you now will lose its relevance with time.

Knowing this means you can be more at ease with change. As thoughts come and go, as you watch emotions rise and fall like waves, as physical, emotional or mental pain is felt and then gone, you see how this coming and going applies to everything, even your breath. This sense of rhythm reminds you that, if you wait long enough, even the darkest of times will also pass.

3 reasons why change is good


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