Laptop case

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The Laptop-Case KO
In North America, the population density is about 22.9 people per square kilometer, which means that when you think about it, each of us humans has only 150 square feet of space to work with. This space feels even smaller when the freelance economy has half of us working remotely and therefore carrying our lives with us like free-WiFi-seeking pack llamas. Which is why it seems like every time you get into an elevator or on a plane or in line at Starbucks, you are bound to be pummeled by a laptop case (or three). Between people's duffel-size handbags, the purse-imitating dog carriers and the rolling suitcase of the business traveler, it's a miracle we get through any day without getting bonked into. Next time you get clocked with the nunchuk-like edge of a MacBook Air, think of all the times you've inadvertently done the same thing to someone else with your own unwieldy bundle. Now, head out into your own allotted 150 square feet of the universe with an awareness of how much space you take up—bag of all earthly possessions included.