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Treating the World As Your West Palm Beach Condo
You know how your grandmother's condo in Florida is a sauna, in a way that makes the Everglades feel refreshing? She's 95, so it's okay. If you are not 95, then it is not okay to inflict your preferences in temperature, lighting and air freshener on innocent passersby. Dear always-freezing coworker huddled by a space heater: Look around. Are your cubemates sweating? Could you battle your building's overenthusiastic air-conditioning by wearing a sweater instead? Sensitive-eyeballed shift manager: Maybe you could try tinted glasses rather than turning down all the lights so that your entire staff is afraid they're going to go blind. Yes, we all have our sensitivities and they aren't all the same, so it might be helpful to remember your solution may become someone else's problem.