Photo: Courtesy of Babeland

Lelo Mona Wave Vibrator
Sex Appeal: The curved shape and undulating motion were designed to stimulate the G-spot and push you "over the edge," with eight different vibration/wave patterns and intensities.

Satisfaction Level: "At first it felt like my clumsy high school boyfriend. On the second go, it did the trick, but the result wasn't the promised 'orgasm to end all orgasms.'"

Is It Legal? Yes.

Try It If... You've got a long-standing relationship with your G-spot. And $179 to spare.

jade egg

Photo: Kerry Anne Doyle

Jade Egg
Sex Appeal: Pop this ovum-shaped stone into your vagina, and Kegel your heart out to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and your orgasms. (It can't get lost inside you, but you can buy one with a cord attached for easy retrieval.)

Satisfaction Level: "I spent 15 minutes a day flexing my muscles (while watching 30 Rock on the sofa) and noticed more control after less than a week."

Is It Legal? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Try It If... You want orgasms that shake the headboard. Or you pee when you laugh.

feminist porn

Photo: Courtesy of Babeland

Feminist Porn
Sex Appeal: Performers of all sizes, colors and orientations; equal-opportunity orgasms; more faces than crotch close-ups.

Satisfaction Level: "Whoa. Both hot and delightful—like the one where a woman refuses sex until her guy assembles a bed from IKEA."

Is It Legal? If you're old enough for NC-17.

Try It If... You like your erotica explicit but not exploitative.

Various prices and retailers; check

Photo: Courtesy of Babeland

The Womanizer
Sex Appeal: Resembles an electric face-cleansing brush, with a "pleasurable cap" that fits over the clitoris and creates light suction, like a tiny vacuum cleaner.

Satisfaction Level: "The vibrational waves were intense—I had that just-orgasmed feeling even before the main event. On a second round, it provided a seemingly endless O that made my legs cramp."

Is It Legal? Remarkably, yes.

Try It If... You're ready for the big leagues.

Approximately $180;
foria lube

Photo: Courtesy of Foria

Foria Lube
Sex Appeal: A spray lubricant made from cannabis oil, for high times indeed: THC, the active ingredient, is intended to boost sensation.

Satisfaction Level: "It left me feeling swimmy and chill. Arousal and orgasm weren't more intense, but it felt nice to float away on a sensual cloud."

Is It Legal? Only in Colorado and (for medical use) in California.

Try It If... You want to have far-out sex without smoking a joint. (Which, of course, no one should ever do unless it's medically necessary.)