Dr. Laura Berman

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Are you living your best life in the bedroom? If the passion has fizzled in your relationship, sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman has developed a step-by-step plan to help you jump-start your relationship in the new year.

Dr. Berman says every couple deserves a happy, healthy and fulfilling sex life. "Having that passion and that sexual connection in your relationship is what separates you from being roommates and co-parents," she says. "It's really what gives you that intimacy, that connection, that life force, that life energy in your relationship."

Part of achieving that, Dr. Berman says, is understanding the different needs men and women have. "Women really want the romance, the connection, the emotional intimacy. Men get there through being sexual. Women are inspired to be sexual because they have that closeness," she says. "So the sex creates a yin and yang."