Come along as we find out what's going on inside their heads (make no mistake; it's busy in there), uncover their surprising talents (coin-collecting crows ! disease-spotting dogs !), and explore how we can all live our best lives together. Exclusives

When Oprah met Sadie
O goes to PAWS!
Creature Features
The cutest, most touching animal videos on the web.
7 Books for Dog Lovers
Heartwarming books starring four-footed friends
How to Help
Six ways to save homeless animals

If We Could Talk to the Animals...

Bear What Are They Thinking ?
Discover what's inside animal minds.
Untapped Talent
How crows could keep our cities clean.
Wild Things
Making the case for keeping our paws to ourselves.
Sniffing Out Cancer
Training dogs to be woman's best friend.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The Longest Night
Saying goodbye to a dear friend.
The Joan Show
One wily little kitten = big life change.
Down, Boy!
David Rakoff loved his pet...but isn't so sure about yours.
Life Lessons
...courtesy of man's best friend.

O Special Report

Operation Rescue
Meet the people and dogs behind this incredible story.

Photos: Pamela Hanson; courtesy of Cynthia Holmes; courtesy of Joyce Tischler; 2009 Jupiterimages Corporation


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