Norman believes feeling overwhelmed can be remedied by taking care of yourself. "We need to know our own condition. When we see when we are losing ground ... we need to ask for help," he says.

The first person a woman should turn to for help is her husband. "I can't believe the husbands are not the first line of help," Norman says. "I mean, the husbands should be sharing all these burdens exactly equally. It makes no sense to have a husband and not get any good out of him!"

Oprah says husbands are more involved than they were 20 years ago, but the workload certainly isn't equal in most households. "For a lot of women, it hasn't [changed], because women don't know how to ask for help," she says. "Also, [they] think that it's their burden and responsibility to carry it all and do it all."

"When conditions are tough, we don't do well," Norman says. "We need to know that, not be ashamed of it and address it."

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