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In hopes of finding relief from feeling hassled and harried, Norman believes mothers first need to recognize that they are overwhelmed. Once that moment is realized, he says you need to stop whatever you're doing and take three conscious breaths. The hope is that with each breath you take, you will allow yourself to be more aware of your situation. Norman says this will allow you to focus on the task at hand.

Though our society stresses the importance of being able to handle multiple tasks at one time, Norman says there is no such thing as multitasking. Instead, we switch from one task to another. This switching prevents us from being able to do one task with any intensity or commitment. "Whatever you are doing. Do it. Do it completely. Bring your whole attention to it," Norman says. "Be present in everything that you do."

In order to help prepare yourself for each day, Norman recommends that you take time for yourself. "Take 20, 30 minutes. Get up before your kids early in the morning. Loss of sleep is worth it, if you can have 30 minutes absolute[ly] to yourself, to breathe, return to yourself, digest yesterday's emotions, take stock of yourself and set yourself up for the day," Norman says. "That amount of time saves you time throughout the day."