Crystal Fox

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Across town, Benny Young knocks on the door to wake up his mother, Hanna, who has fallen asleep with a pile of bills around her. "Oh Lord, I'm late for work," she says.

Benny says Hanna's boss, Katheryn Cryer, gave her the day off after working a party the night before. His eyes turn to the stack of bills. "Mama, you fell asleep with all these bills in the bed again last night?" he asks.

"I was trying to figure out who to pay first. I'm telling you, getting sick with no medical insurance will wipe you out," she says. "I'm so grateful this house is paid for. If I hadn't put it in your name before I went into the hospital, they would be coming after it for sure."

Another thing that brings Hanna comfort is her Bible. "Unless that Bible got $50,000 tucked in between the pages, I don't see how it's going to help this situation," Benny says.

"Child, that Bible is worth more than money," she says. "You used to love to go to church."

Hanna then tells Benny a girl named Darci from church still asks about him. She used to have braces and headgear—but no more. "You should see her now," Hanna says. "I'm going to ask her to come by for dinner after church."

Benny, who is still nursing a broken heart, declines and brings the conversation back to the bills at hand. "I wish I could do more," he says. "I thought when I got my tow truck, the money would be rolling in."

"It takes a while to build a dream sometimes, son," Hanna says. "You already moved back in here with me to help pay these bills. What else you want to do?"