Renee Lawless

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Back at the Cryer residence, David's wife, Veronica, pays Katheryn a visit. "Is it true?" she says. "Is Jim running for governor or what?"

Katheryn says he hasn't decided, and Veronica urges Katheryn to get Jim excited about the idea. Katheryn herself isn't convinced, however. "I'm not sure this is something my family should be involved in," she says.

Veronica can sense something is up with her old friend. "A few months ago, you would have sold your children to be in the governor's mansion, and now all of a sudden it doesn't matter," she says.

"A lot can change in a few months," Katheryn says, asking Veronica to let it go.

"Fine, I will let it go," Veronica says, "but eventually you will tell me what you are trying to hide."

Katheryn says the run for governor just isn't important to her. "And this has nothing to do with David being lieutenant governor?" Katheryn asks.

Of course it does, Veronica says. "If Jim runs, he'll have to put David on the ticket. It just makes sense. May we please make the announcement."

"Veronica, when someone runs for office, all of their dirty little secrets come reluctantly out of the closet," Katheryn says.

"What secrets could Jim possibly have? He's a golden boy," Veronica says. "Put your pumps on; get ready. Let's plan a party. We have to announce he's running for governor."