Peter Parros and John Schneider

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Judges Jim Cryer and David Harrington are walking down the courthouse hallway when they are stopped by Rose, a local reporter. "Judge Cryer," she says, "rumor has it you are running for governor. Is that true?"

Jim declines to comment, but Rose presses on. "Since I've ran my own business for 15 years and I've been a judge for eight years, I've learned a few things about balancing a budget—and also the equal scales of justice," he says.

"Sounds like you're running," she says.

Jim promises Rose she will be the first to know what he decides.

Just then, Jim's mistress—who is trying to blackmail him into paying her $100,000 and giving her a sports car—walks in between the men and beelines for Rose. "Excuse me, Rose," Candace says. "You're a reporter, right?"

Jim and David look on as Candace speaks quietly to Rose in a corner. "She's enjoying this because she's sick and twisted," Jim says.

David then asks Jim what's really going on with him and Candace. Nothing, Jim says. "Look, this girl is not going to bring down this campaign for you or me," David says. "This ends today."