Renee Lawless as Katheryn Harrington

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Jim heads upstairs to bed, where he's disappointed to see his wife Katheryn is still awake. "So are you really running for governor?" she asks. "I want to know what I'm in for as your dutiful wife."

"Don't pretend that you won't enjoy every moment of the spotlight," he says.

"Spotlights are hot, darling. I'm not sure if this family can handle it," she says. "You know my family's reputation is stellar in this state. I don't want to be the one that destroys it because of my beautifully dysfunctional family...reputation is everything around here."

Jim grumbles that Katheryn is always reminding him of her family tree. "It's grown old," he says.

"Don't you forget that it was my family's wealth that made you a player at the high-stakes table," she says.

Jim says he wants one night without Katheryn's sarcasm. "We have lots of those nights when the children are not around, and you are sleeping in your room, and I'm in mine," she says. "And, by the way, don't leave your underwear on the bathroom floor anymore."

"Is that why the hostility, because of underwear?" Jim asks.

"That and the sight of cheap lipstick," she says.

"There's no lipstick on my collar," he says.

"As I said, don't leave your underwear on the floor," she replies.

Jim starts to crawl into bed, but Katheryn orders him to the couch. "You know I have a back issue," he says.

"You have a front issue too," she says. "You can't keep it in your pants."